TRC World Group, is a full service processing, manufacturing, shipping and trading organization that specializes in sourcing and delivering key agriculture commodities to producers and end users around the world. TRC World Group is a privately held leading trader of cereal, grains, rice, feeds, by-products and various others agriculture commodities. We are able to offer personalized purchasing, financing, logistics and distribution services to customers and suppliers through our offices in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia.
TRC 世界集团是一间提供全方位加工、制造、物流及贸易服务的组织,专营农产品采购及供应全球各地。TRC 是 一间美国注册的私营公司,是全球领先的谷物、谷粒、大米、饲料及其他农副产品贸易商。我们的办事处遍布北 美、拉丁美州、欧洲及亚洲专为客户及供货商提供度身订做采购,融资及物流配送服务。